Delta encoding for JSON objects

Is there a standard library or tool out there for computing and applying differences to JSON documents? Basically I have a bunch of largish documents that I want to keep synchronized across a network, and I would prefer to avoid having to resend thei

Is there any way for compile-time check of string user-defined literal?

I'm writing a user-defined string literal to convert names of months into their numbers. The expected usage of this literal is something like "Nov"_m which should return 11. At the moment my code looks like constexpr Duration operator "&quo

glibc: elf file OS ABI invalid

downloaded and compiled glibc-2.13. when i try to run a sample C program which does a malloc(). I get following error elf file OS ABI invalid Can anybody please pass my any pointer helpful in resolving this issue.Please note that my kernel version is

Can i use the latest features of C++11 in XCode 4 or OSX Lion? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Can I use C++11 with Xcode? It seems like xcode 4 contains older versions of clang and gcc. Can i uppgrade gcc or clang and use them with xcode 4? I would like to use gcc >= 4.6 or the latest clang. My main goal is to be able to h

Reverse engineering a QuickBASIC 3.0 program

I have a program (I own the rights) written in QuickBASIC 3.0, though I do not have anymore the source code. Anyone know a decompiler that I can use to see what the program does? Basically it gets some numbers in input and it performs some calculatio

WebRequest POST with both file and parameters

I'm trying to upload a file and a send along a few parameters to my site using .NET / C#. Having read a few tutorials that do either a few parameters or a file, I've tried, unsuccessfully, to combine them. Here is how I try doing it: WebRequest req =

WP7 ListBox Scrolling Not Working

I have the following XAML markup in a WP7 UserControl. My problem is that when my ListBox has more items than will fit on a page it will not scroll properly. I can scroll the list by panning upwards with my finger but as soon as I remove my finger it

Interpret a string from one encoding to another in java

I've looked around for answers to this (I'm sure they're out there), and I'm not sure it's possible. So, I got a HUGE file that contains the word "för". I'm using RandomAccessFile because I know where it is (kind of) and can therefore use the se

Is taking uninitialized references of class members during construction legal?

Coming from this question, I am going a step further: C* c = static_cast<C*>(malloc(sizeof(C))); As stated in the referenced question, accessing *c (its members) is undefined behaviour before a constructor is called. But, the pointer itself is valid

Where exactly is the red zone on x86-64?

From Wikipedia: In computing, a red zone is a fixed-size area in a function's stack frame beyond the return address which is not preserved by that function. The callee function may use the red zone for storing local variables without the extra overhe

When and why is an std::__non_rtti_object exception generated?

I'm using Visual Studio and performing a valid dynamic cast. RTTI is enabled. Edit : Updated the code to be more realistic struct base { virtual base* Clone() { base* ptr = new base; CopyValuesTo( ptr ); return ptr; } virtual void CopyValuesTo( base*

Why crashes from Organizer in Project won't take me to the place it crashed?

When I try to open a crash in project via crashes from Organizer it won't take me anymore to the line of code that crashed and neither give me details about this crash. Any idea why? Note:Project is an old application.2 Answersuse AddExceptionBreakpo

Xcode 7 - An error has occurred during export - IPA has no main bundle

Xcode 7 - An error has occurred during export - IPA has no main bundle
December 30

After archiving successfully my app using a mobile provisioning profile for ad-hoc distribution, when I try to export it using the Organizer window in Xcode, I get a strange message "An error has occurred during export, IPA has no main bundle".

Neither ld wrap nor LD_PRELOAD working to intercept system call

I am trying to use -Wl,-wrap=sendto -Wl,-wrap,sendto in my final g++ link command that links my app to replace the standard sendto function with my own. I compile the following source code with gcc -c -o wrap.o wrap.c and include the wrap.o in the fi

How to get Debugging Symbols when using yum on Fedora?

I'm trying to run Cyrus Imapd (version 2.3.1) in gdb on Fedora Core 5. I've installed cyrus imapd using yum install cyrus-imapd. Does anyone know the correct way to get debugging symbols for this program? (I'm very aware that Fedora Core 5 and versio

Visual Studio 2012 Debugger suddenly stops while debugging Azure project

Visual Studio 2012 Debugger suddenly stops while debugging Azure project
December 30

When I'm debugging my Azure project (1 Web + 1 Worker Role instance) locally, the debugger often just stops and the role instances are restarting. I have no clue why this is happening, there are no uncaught exceptions and if I run the project without

GCC option to specify the filename which is being compiled

Assume there are 3 files which I need to compile, a.cpp, b.cpp and c.cpp. When I compile the above 3 files using microsoft compiler, the compiler outputs the file name which it completed compiling. ex: cl a.cpp b.cpp c.cpp a.cpp b.cpp c.cpp But GCC c

Create and add a vlan to a network-namespace via python

Is it possible to program the following commands in python? In a terminal: #create a vlan ip link add name Lan1 link eth0 type vlan id 10 ip addr add brd dev Lan1 #create a namespace ip netns add vnsp1 #connect the vlan

gcc problem - no matching function call

Can anybody please help me make this work? Donor-enumerate() doesn't work, gcc gives no matching function error. template < class T > struct mesh; template < class T > struct meshBone { friend struct mesh< T >; private: T *_obj; }; templ

getting dynamic symbol table information from elf

I'm trying to get the dynamic & static symbol table information from elf. That's the code I wrote: void symbols(){ int i; Elf32_Ehdr *header; /* this will point to the header structure */ header = (Elf32_Ehdr *) map_start; Elf32_Shdr *shdr = (Elf32_S